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Bullawayo Trading Company Safaris Outfitters 

BTC Safaris


   Bulawayo Trading Company Safari Outfitters [BTC Safaris] is a small, quality safari company organized by Anthony Crick, PH and Marty Wood.

BTC Safaris is able to provide the best hunting areas in all of Zimbabwe.  We are dedicated to providing high quality hunting safaris for dangerous game and plains game in a free-range environment.


   Our safaris are for clients who want to hunt in Zimbabwe with an experienced professional hunter from wonderful camps with vast amounts of game.  We realize that our clients are spending substantial amounts of their hard

earned money in order to hunt in Africa.


   A safari is the hunting trip of a lifetime and our goal is to insure that the memories of it are pleasant from beginning to end.

"The hunter that travels out into the woods is lost to the world, yet finds himself."

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