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Bird Shooting

Bird Shooting


There are a number of wing shooting opportunities available while on safari which allow our clients to hunt several different species of game birds including francolin, guinea fowl, doves, and sand grouse. Bird shooting is normally done as an adjunct to the pursuit of other trophies while on safari. Typical of this situation would be the occasion where a major trophy has been collected. The client and his team decide to take the afternoon off from big game hunting and devote it to shooting doves and sand grouse at a waterhole.  BTC has two Beretta 12 gauge over/under shotguns available for client use for wings hooting while on safari.


We have cartridges available at our cost for clients. BTC can make arrangements for a safari that is dedicated solely to wing shooting and/or fishing, depending upon the wishes of the client. Normally, that type of safari would require changing camps every few days to avoid putting too much pressure on the local game bird populations. This type of wing shooting safari could include flighted birds, driven birds and others taken via walk-up with pointing and flushing dogs. The tremendous variety of wing shooting opportunities can make this type of safari compelling for those who wish to simply watch the big game without losing the atmosphere of real safari camp life.

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