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About Us

BTC Safaris

BTC Safaris utilizes modern, well-maintained safari equipment to make your safari both safe and comfortable. We use Toyota Land Cruisers, GPS systems, a satellite phone which is available for client usage, a lap-top computer, digital cameras, two way radios mounted in the vehicles as well as hand held, truck winches to assist in trophy recovery, padded soft cases for clients’ rifles and other amenities necessary to make our clients comfortable on safari. BTC has two Winchester model 70 rifles, a 375 H+H Magnum and a .30-06, as well as two Beretta 12 gauge over/under shotguns available for clients to use while on safari.


Each safari is handled personally to insure that our clients receive all that they expect in terms of service and hunting opportunities. We offer a safari tailored to the game you want to hunt. The species of animals on your trophy list determine your daily rate, the length of the safari, and the areas you will hunt.


Meet the team 

Marty Wood

Marty Wood, the principal in BTC Safaris, has been hunting for 60 years. He has been on 30 safaris over the past 19 years to Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania. In addition to his African hunting, he has successfully hunted in the western United States and Alaska since 1968. He stalked Highland red deer stags in Scotland from 1981 -1999. He has been the Master of Foxhounds of his own pack of foxhounds in South Georgia and North Florida since 1974, pursuing, on horseback, coyotes and foxes in their wild and native habitat.


Marty enjoys bird-shooting, and fly-fishing in both the United States and Europe. He is a consummate outdoorsman and knows what a client needs to put together a successful hunt.


It was the use of that knowledge that persuaded him to start BTC Safaris and Safaris Unlimited in order to make his vast experience available to others who likewise enjoy hunting and the experiences that it provides. Safaris Unlimited and BTC Safaris have the capability to put together any client’s dream safari or hunting trip because of the depth of experience that our management has in the field.

Anthony Crick

Anthony was born in Bulawayo and spent his formative years hunting and fishing on the cattle ranches of Matabeleland. After finishing his schooling, in Africa, at age 18, he moved to England but found that the English winter and its lifestyle were not what he wanted out of life.  Having got over 'the grass is greener’, Anthony returned to Zimbabwe to pursue a career as a professional hunter and guide.

Anthony started as a learner hunter in 1991 in the lowveld of Zimbabwe. In 1992, he worked as a learner hunter and Problem Animal Control Officer in Tsholotsho South and a year later assumed responsibility for Tsholotsho North as well. While in Tsholotsho, he was able to accompany all the hunts that took place, but his main role was to assist the Veterinary Department with the control of buffalo migrating out of Hwange Park, the control of crop-raiding elephants and livestock killing predators in his district. 

Following his service in Tsholotsho, Anthony went on to develop his skills with clients through a move to Spurwing Island in Matusadona National Park in 1994. Here he learned from some of the best guides and research scientists in Zimbabwe as he developed a deep appreciation for all the flora and fauna involved in the research projects in the Matusadona National Park. It was on Spurwing Island that Anthony took his personal best elephant (a 73 pounder) and his best buffalo (a 46" bull). His days on Spurwing were spent taking clients on Photographic and fishing safaris, and this is where he met his future wife Debbie whilst working on the island. He left Spurwing Island in 1995 to work in the Gwayi Valley Conservancy as a hunter and to prepare for his final exams and proficiency test for his Professional Hunters and Guides license. 

Anthony was awarded his full professional hunters and guides license in 1997 and remained in the Gwayi for the rest of that season after which he moved to the Matetsi River Ranch near Victoria Falls to guide hunting and photographic safaris. In 2000, Anthony began working as a free-lance professional hunter. He has since guided, hunting, fishing and photographic clients into every corner of Zimbabwe from the big conservancies in the Lowveld to the concessions of Matetsi, Chewore, Gwayi, Dande, Deka, Omay, Chirisa, Hwange, Victoria Falls, Matopos and Chikwenya, as well as in accompanying hunts in South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania. 

In 2003, Anthony formed Bulawayo Trading Company Safari Outfitters(BTC) with an American partner in order to be able to exercise more control over safaris booked for his clients. BTC has been able to book safaris for its clients using the best professional hunters, the best concessions and the best possible equipment. In 2004, Anthony joined HHK Safaris as a Professional Hunter and BTC Safaris acquired a 40% stake in HHK Safaris.

Anthony lives in Bulawayo with his wife Debbie and his two beautiful daughters. Anthony's spare time is spent pursuing competitive shooting sports with pistol and rifle, birdshooting, fishing and golf. His encyclopedic knowledge of the animals, birds, grasses and trees makes him a real pleasure to be with on an extended safari. 

Anthony has not only guided safaris, but has been fortunate to have been a CLIENT on many hunting and fishing safaris, in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Romania, Namibia, and the U.K. which has afforded him a great insight into the anticipation and expectations that clients have about their safaris.

Anthony is a Life Member of SCI, a member (and former Chairman) of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association - ZPHGA, a member and ( former committee member ) of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe - SOAZ, and a life member of The African Professional Hunters Association - APHA.

"I never knew of a morning in Africa that I woke up and was not happy"
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