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Life on Safari

Safari Life

Daytime temperatures are warm throughout the year so we recommend light-weight tan, green, or gray clothing. However, during the winter months (May to mid August), nights can get quite chilly, so a warm jacket is essential. Walking is an integral part of hunting, so please make sure you have comfortable, well worn-in shoes.


Other items that are important are a pair of binoculars, a knife, sunglasses, suntan lotion, a camera, and a good hat. Please note that it is illegal to wear military camouflage clothing in Zimbabwe.



Experience is a great teacher and the professionals at BTC have many years of training in how to make each client feel satisfied and comfortable. Safari life is a mixture of African sunrises and sunsets, glorious cool mornings and clear sunny days, lunches in camp or under the shade of a fig tree in a riverine, the highs and lows of the hunting experience, the camaraderie of companions and new and old friends and the banter around the campfire at night telling tales of the day as well as past experiences. It is the taste and smell of a hot mug of coffee at daybreak in clear cold air and the wonderful cooling of a cold water bottle following a long tracking job in the late afternoon. The real trophies of any safari are the memories.


BTC hopes to be a part of yours. It truly is the adventure of a lifetime. Take the trip now while you are still able. You will remember it the rest of your life as a time of great happiness and accomplishment.


"It was wildest, untouched Africa, and it was magic"

-Jane Goodall

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